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Tsunami 4.0 is a clear nano ceramic formulation providing an additional protective layer that protects against the harmful UV Rays, oxidation, environmental contaminants, acid rain, dirt, grime, chemicals and bird droppings. Tsunami 4.0 reaches a 9H hardness with one installation, withstands heat in excess of 1400F, is super hydrophobic, and scratch resistant providing a high gloss finish. Tsunami 4.0 has a 4+ year longevity with proper care and maintenance and is backed by our industry leading manufacturer warranty when installed by a Tsunami Certified Installation Center.

Installation: Surface must be cleaned with Recon Techs Panel Prep prior to product installation to ensure proper adhesion to surface. Apply a small amount, enough to lightly cover the installation pad, then apply to surface in an area no larger than 3’ X 3’ using an up and down and back and forth motion for full area coverage. Allow product to adhere to surface undisturbed for a period of 45 secs to 1 ½ minutes. Lightly wipe the treated surface to remove any excess product. With another clean microfiber cloth hand buff treated area to a gloss finish. Repeat, working in 3’ X 3’ sections of each panel until all exterior painted panels are treated.

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