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Tsunami 7.0 utilizes the latest nano ceramic technology molecularly designed to achieve the highest standards in hardness, durability, surface protection and longevity. Tsunami 7.0 provides a barrier of maximum protection between the painted surface and harmful environmental contaminants such as UV rays, oxidation, dirt, salt, sand, grime, chemicals, acid rain, insect impacts and bird droppings. With 9H hardness, withstanding heat to 1400F, strong water repelling hydrophobicity, a high level of scratch resistance Tsunami 7.0 consistently delivers a glass like finish without ever having a need to wax your vehicle again. Tsunami 7.0 has a longevity of 7+ years, is installed by our Tsunami Certified Installation Centers, and is backed by our industry leading manufacturer warranty.

Installation: Surface must be cleaned with Recon Techs Panel Prep prior to product installation to ensure proper adhesion to surface. Apply a small amount, enough to lightly cover the installation pad, then apply to surface in an area no larger than 3’ X 3’ using an up and down and back and forth motion for full area coverage. Allow product to adhere to surface undisturbed for a period of 45 secs to 1 ½ minutes. Lightly wipe the treated surface to remove any excess product. With another clean microfiber cloth hand buff treated area to a gloss finish. Repeat, working in 3’ X 3’ sections of each panel until all exterior painted panels are treated.

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